Winter Snowboarding Holiday seasons IN THE CARPATHIANS ON DRAGOBRAT

Relaxation in the Carpathians on Dragobrat is a great decision at any time of the year. Resort Freerider is found near the best instruction ski carry “Oasis” (a hundred meters) in a pristine corner of the Carpathian character on the border with the biosphere reserve. The whole creating is completely created of wooden, which gives each visitor mental comfort and ease and home convenience. Remaining in brilliant and warm rooms will be convenient each for a company of buddies (up to five people in a place) and for family partners, and the services employees will make each and every work to assist you manage your trip in the greatest feasible way.

The picturesque resort ” Dragobrat “, found near the urban-sort village of Yasin, Zakarpattia location, is the maximum and most spectacular ski vacation resort in Ukraine. It is located in the subalpine zone at an altitude of one,400-1,seven-hundred m and is surrounded by the horseshoe-shaped Svidovets ridge, which shields it from unexpected modifications in temperature. This contributes to a stable snow protect in winter season and a moderate, not too sizzling summer time, which draws in travelers from all over the entire world. The snow protect here has been secure from November to May for thirty many years.

You will be taken to the greatest mountain peaks of Styga (1704 m), Gendarma (1763 m), Blyznytsia (1885 m) by special tools – ratraks, so that you can admire the picturesque mountain views from a peak and see the maximum points of Ukraine – Hoverla (2061 m) and Petros (2020 m) and make unforgettable descents on virgin snow or specially prepared tracks. Also, there is one thing to conquer below for lovers of trekking and mountaineering.

There is no direct transport connection with this resort. The closest airports are in Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv and Chernivtsi. The quickest and shortest way to Dragobrat is from the village of Yasinya (Transcarpathian location), it is at the foot of this higher mountain vacation resort. It can be attained by teach, shuttle bus or auto. From the village Yasinya to Dragobrat vacation resort can be reached by effective four-wheel generate. Most frequently, go-via automobiles this sort of as Gaz-sixty six and UAZ are utilised for this. The length of the climb is from eight to twelve km, relying on the shipping and delivery level. Rest on Dragobrata is extremely attractive for fans of extreme winter routines, these kinds of as snowboarding, mountain snowboarding, snowmobiling and other people. hotel Dragobrat For fans of active winter season recreation, there are best circumstances: steep peaks, descents for novices and even young children, the ideal situations for freeriding in the Carpathians, because there are many wild, difficult-to-attain areas with pristine snow.

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